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Our Devcasts app is a new kind of podcast listening app. It is simply the best way for developers to enjoy all of the excellent podcast content created for developers. Quickly find and enjoy the tons of material that is available right now.

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Top Features

Devcasts is where developers find their future favorite podcasts and share their existing variates. This directory of developer-centric podcasts is built right into a great podcast app. The whole focus is to help developers. The is a 'noise-free' environment to learn and understand developer related topics.

We know that you may have a few favorite podcasts that we don't list, or we haven't added yet. Don't worry, you can add those podcasts to the Devcasts app just like any other podcast listening app. You won't need an additional podcasting app.

Free free to share your favorite developer-centric podcast, and we'll get all the best ones listed right in the app directory.

  • Easy Controls

    This app is specifically geared toward listening to spoken word audio. It's not just a hacked up music player.

  • Cloud Casting Technology

    DevCasts uses Cloud Casting Technology to make sure your shows are kept up to date.

  • Listen to Just the Shows You Want

    Select the shows you'd like to listen to.

  • Time Managed For You

    Always start listening from where you left off. Next logical episode automatically started for you.

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